Everyone needs a Unicorn Survival Kit!

I don’t think the unicorn trend is going to disappear anytime soon. The new Too Faced Cosmetics Unicorn Survival Kit is a great deal! You get the La Creme lipstick in Unicorn Tears, Melted Latex lipstick in Unicorn Tears, and a new highlighter in Unicorn Tears. There’s also a limited edition unicorn makeup bag. Note: these are all deluxe sized makeup.

It’s currently sold out on Too Faced’s website but Ulta has it as well. Check in your local Ulta store too! $26. I’m still debating. The next time I stop by my Ulta, I’ll see if it’s there. I already have the Unicorn Tears lipstick. I’m not that interested in trying the Latex version. I am curious about the highlighter and what kind of glow it has. Surprisingly, I’m not that pressed to get this. But if I stumble across it, I may get it. I’m weird sometimes. Are you interested?

Image from Ulta.


3 Replies to “Everyone needs a Unicorn Survival Kit!”

  1. This looks cute. Definitely something I would have to try in store before buying. I just don’t know if these shades would actually look good in person or if its just a gimmick. xo J


    1. I agree. I have the lipstick already and that’s good. But I’ve never tried their Latex lipsticks. And I dunno about that highlighter. Could be amazing or chalky. If you see it and try it, let me know!

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